Monday, January 7, 2008

Links of Week, Jan 7: ASP.NET MVC, Live Writer, VS 2008 AJAX 1.0, Music Lessons, GUI Testing

Link of the week - ASP.NET MVC

How will MS MVC affect the greater developer community: Dan Donahue, a member of the community, wonders with the ASP.NET MVC, Ruby On Rails and MonoRail getting a lot of attention recently if Microsoft will make ASP.NET MVC the mainstream way of web development (or the "One Microsoft Way").  He wonders about the affect it would have for easy interoperability (between rails web platforms) and test driven development.




  • Automated GUI testing - Is it worth it? Based on his experience with NUnitForms, Mladen Prajdić concludes that if used wisely automated GUI tests are a big benefit for Integration and Acceptance Tests.
  • Music lessons: Seth Goden discusses some marketing lesson that can be learned from music such as rule 0. "The new thing is never as good as the old thing, at least right now." and "Celebrity is underrated".