Monday, October 1, 2007

AJAX Control Toolkit 10920 Released

On September 21, a new version of the AJAX Control toolkit was released.  The title of Delay's Blog's blog entry on it was "You voted lots, we fixed lots [AJAX Control Toolkit release!].  I thought the title was great because it shows a desire to add value to their customers and fulfill their wants/needs. 

Some of the biggest improvements in this release focus around the Calendar calendar extender.  In the previous version, I used the "textbox" activation for the calendar which means that instead of clicking a button to open the calendar you clicked on the textbox that had the current value.  I wanted to use the button activation using the extender's PopupButtonID property, but there was a problem that after you opened the calendar using the pop up button you had to select a date to close the pop up.  I would have expected that just clicking off would have closed the calendar.  In the new version you can now "click  off" to close.

In the blog "inventive title", Ron Buckton tells some of the changes and difficulty implementing them regarding the calendar.

The next version of Calendar needs to support the following activation scenarios depending on whether it is also associated with a button:

  • No Button
    • Show Popup when textbox receives focus
    • Show Popup when textbox is clicked
    • Hide Popup when textbox loses focus
    • Hide Popup when textbox receives ESC keypress
    • Hide Popup when a date is selected
  • Button
    • Show Popup when the button is clicked
    • Hide Popup when the button loses focus
    • Hide Popup when the button receives ESC keypress
    • Hide Popup when a date is selected

I have to that the control toolkit team for improving the activation of the calendar! Now I can use the popup button with my calendar.  Now if only there was a built in WSYSIWG editor.